Cataloging Committee

The Cataloging Committee has researched and selected software for the documentation of artifacts. The software program will be potentially sought as a donation from the union if awarded this grant for hardware. A vast undertaking, all current items housed by the SFDHS will be cataloged, then stored in the appropriate housing.

The Cataloging Committee has already made much progress in selecting the cataloging museum software: PastPerfect. It is very well suited for the Historical Society, and will be an important part in the success of the organization. Funds are currently being secured to purchase PastPerfect. The current goal for the Cataloging Committee is to develop a strategy for caring for our original items. We have two locations now: one climate controlled and easily accessible (Co. 2), and one not climate controlled or easily accessible (port union hall). Items like photos, articles, paper, etc should be stored in non-acid slip covers, in binders, in the office at company 2. The cataloging committee’s goal is:

Research storage materials required to store our original items.

Once we get the funding for the software program, it will be great to jump into the arduous task of cataloging our collection.