Museum Committee

The Museum Committee is in charge of selecting a sight for an eventual SFDHS Museum. The Museum Committee is also promoting awareness, public education, and research opportunities to the public.

The current goal for the museum committee is:

Research and create a newsletter

This would be something that could be used to start a membership. With the plethora of information and pictures we have, we could develop two of these a year. This could be as little as a few 8 and a half by 11s folded for a true ‘newsletter,’ or we could develop this into a dozen or so ‘magazine’ pages with a gloss cover. It’s really up to the research and time we want to put into it.

In addition to this, we are looking for any locations that may host exhibits for us throughout the year. The ‘Museum’ committee might better be known as the ‘awareness’ committee. We would like to start getting our name out there, and providing service to our community.