Research Committee

The Research Committee has already made connections in the community and begun research on various topics. The Research Committee has also contributed to the social media campaign in order to promote awareness.

The goal set for the research committee is as follows:

Develop two ‘Research Cases’ (one for the north battalion and one for the south battalion). Each case should include a tape recorder or video device, list of generic questions, packets of photos for the interviewee to comment on, and direction for using the equipment / how an interview should go.

In order to accomplish this, we need to accomplish the additional steps:

Price out a digital tape recorder, and possible microphone

Research and determine wether or not it is feasible to get a video recording device

Brainstorm a list of generic questions (i.e.: When were you hired? What was your biggest fire? etc)

Develop instructions for the interview and equipment, so that anyone could conduct an interview.