The Stockton Fire Department Historical Society (SFDHS) was created on April 4th, 2014. The intentions of the SFDHS are to preserve the history and culture of the Stockton Fire Department, and identify the departments place in the history of the National Fire Service. The SFDHS currently operates with 14 board members, made up of near equal parts of fire department personnel and civilian individuals. The SFDHS board members make up five committees: Fundraising, Research, Housing, Cataloging, and Museum.

The Fundraising Committee is currently working on designs for merchandise and publications to sell in order to generate funding. The Fundraising Committee is also working on a social media campaign to drive awareness, and eventual website donations. Funds acquired by the committee will support the needs of the other committees and the needs of the Historical Society.

The Research Committee has already made connections in the community and begun research on various topics. The Research Committee has also contributed to the social media campaign in order to promote awareness.

The Housing Committee has begun pooling existing artifact into a single location. The Housing Committee has also established two locations as possible housing for the SFDHS: One climate controlled office for small or delicate items, and one larger storage office for larger or ‘back stock’ items.

The Cataloging Committee has researched and selected software for the documentation of artifacts. The software program will be potentially sought as a donation from the union if awarded this grant for hardware. A vast undertaking, all current items housed by the SFDHS will be cataloged, then stored in the appropriate housing.

The Museum Committee is in charge of selecting a sight for an eventual SFDHS Museum. The Museum Committee is also promoting awareness, public education, and research opportunities to the public.